Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Tony Cardenas-Montana

Guitar, Bass, and Vocals


Tony played in numerous Hollywood bands throughout the early 80’s, eventually joining Great White in early ‘87 to support “Once Bitten…” , the band’s first platinum seller. Tony’s writing and recording contributions can be heard on both following releases: “…Twice Shy” and “Hooked” which spawned the video and radio hits “Once Bitten…. Twice Shy”, “Call it Rock and Roll”, and the bass heavy “Mista Bone.” Tony and Great White parted ways in 1992 after a fruitful run of 4 million plus album sales and several world tours. He continued with his guitar playing roots and released a solo album “Tombstone Shuffle” in Europe and Asia in 2001.

His latest original music, Anna’s Brother, finds him under the watchful eye of super producer Sylvia Massy Shivy (Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash) and most recently featured on Los Angeles superstation Rockstar 98.7, and on Classic Rock Magazine’s Best New Music compilation CD.montana

Tony is also the creator of Platinum Master’s Monster Circus – a collaboration of some of the greatest “monster” musician friends he’s known, and a high production value show with a circus sideshow feel.

In 2010 Tony went on tour with Slash and his solo band that features Myles Kennedy on vocals to tour Asia and Australia. Tony played bass, filling in for friend Todd Kerns who was unable to travel at the time. Tony’s bass and backing vocals can be heard on several Abbey Road Live recordings from Australia, and the Slash iTunes Sessions which came out in 2011.

Tony is an incredible guitarist with the ability to go from latin acoustic stylings to the roar of Van Halen styled metal. His voice and lead vocal abilities showcase him as a true singer, with an impressive range, and he is a truly accomplished bassist as well.

Hear some of Tony’s work at the link to the right, and in the videos shown on this site, including Great White, Slash, Anna’s Brother, and Monster Circus.